Friday, July 14, 2017

Vintage McCalls 3254 (1970)

The other day I was shuffling through my vintage pattern collection trying to find something that would work with my new knit I had bought from  I was intrigued by a fabric called techno, but when I got it I wondered if it looked a little like double knit polyester with some stretch added for good measure.

I decided that it wasn't expensive fabric, that I had the perfect pattern-McCalls 3254, and it would be good practice for sewing with knits.

This dress sewed up like a dream.  The fabric was easy to work with and was forgiving.  The only thing I had trouble with was putting in a traditional zipper.  It made the fabric stretch and ruffle and it looked terrible, so I unpicked it and put in an invisible zipper instead.  

Since wearing this dress, I have received many compliments on it.  It doesn't look dated, and I guess it doesn't look like double knit polyester after all!

I love this photo.  "Hey, maybe we should take this picture over there."

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Wembly, by Seamwork

Wembly, by Seamwork, is a darling, knit jacket that I am planning on making more of in different colors.  I like it that much!

It was a delight to sew.  I don't sew quickly and I don't usually sew with knits, but this was a breeze to put together.  I even re-threaded my serger with dark thread, and I still got done quickly.  I haven't put new thread in my serger since I purchased it over 15 years ago!