Saturday, October 22, 2016


I finally tried my hand at knits.  I have a subscription to Seamwork Magazine that comes with two Colette patterns a month that can be made in under three hours. Well, that is, everyone else takes three hours.  You can double that or more for me.

I bought the suggested fabric from in the same color and here is how mine turned out.  The picture is just me in the kitchen and not as fancy as the photo above. 

This was my first foray into knits and it turned out quite well.  There is a gap in the left under panel for which I will have sew a dart, but overall I'm pleased.  I may just see if I can wash the sweater, and the gap, caused by stretchy fabric, may snap back into shape.

Techniques Learned

1. Sometimes re-threading your serger saves a trip to the sewing machine repair store.
2. Knits are easier than I'd previously thought.
3.  I learned how to make a thread chain.  According to Threads Magazine, this is a couture technique.  Yay for me.