Thursday, May 2, 2013

March Blocks in May

I'm a tad late on these block finishes from March.  At least I finished!

The first two are from Pile o' Fabric's Skill Builder Block of the Month series.  I love these two.  Mostly because of the colors I picked.  I lopped off a couple of points , but hey, most of us do.  At least I'm assuming we do, so I can feel better about myself!

This block is from the Western series at my local quilt shop.  As I have said before, I wouldn't have chosen this style of fabric myself, but as a whole, it is growing on me.

I may get my April blocks done before June or even July and I may not.  If I really apply myself, perhaps I might get them done next week.  Stop laughing.  It could happen.  Alright, I'm laughing too!

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  1. The western one is my favorite! I love all things cowboy...I'd do my house Wild West if it wasn't so cliche in Oklahoma. If I lived in New York I totally would.

    As for your blocks, they are lovely! I can't tell anything wrong with the points. Maybe if I quilted I'd notice? It's always better late than never!

  2. I love your red star!
    Regards from Sweden

  3. visiting from crazy mum quilts. You have been busy

  4. I like the stars.
    I have not pieced a block together like this for a long time so will have to have a go at one soon!

  5. I did giggle reading your post, though I'm impressed you've got around to March now! I was so thrilled when I got myself all up to date with March in April but I've not even contemplated April yet and think, like you that I'll be lucky to touch them before June/July and it must be nearly time for May - this really is no way to be going through a year!!! I wonder when we'll both finally finish this quilt - 2015?

  6. I'll probably be finished with that quilt a long in mmmm, next year? :)


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