Friday, May 17, 2013

John Williams With The Utah Symphony


There is probably not a soul in the modern world who doesn't know the music of John Williams.  Star Wars, Indian Jones, Schindler's List, Harry Potter, Jaws...daaaaa na,    daaaaaa na,  daa na, daa na,  da na da na da na da na.  You are all singing it in your heads now, I know it!  Of course, there is so much more.

I took my son to see the Utah Symphony perform the music of John Williams.  Jerry Steichen conducted and started the performance of with a good laugh from the audience as he came out wearing Anikin Skywalker's tunic!  I love Jerry.  He makes the performances even better than they already are.  

The Music of John Williams

My son's favorite performance was 'Star Wars'.  But he was more enamored with 'Catch Me If You Can.'  While he has never seen the movie, that afternoon at his percussion lesson he began learning the vibraphone.  The score of Catch Me If You Can has a jazz trio that includes a bass, sax, and the vibes.  He thought it was amazing.  The percussion as a whole was fabulous.  Normally the percussion section is stuck in the back corner of the orchestra, but on this night the percussion took the entire back of the stage and curved up around the edges.  My son was enthralled with the enormity of percussion section.  He even commented on the xylophonist's handlebar mustache.  That's how closely he was watching.

All of the pieces were amazing.  I can't think of one criticism.  I even learned a few things.  You know the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic theme that NBC uses every year? John William composed that.  

Fantastic performance! Cool enough to keep an 11 year old boy entertained. Five out of five stars.


  1. I am so jealous you went to this. I heard about it after the fact and was a little sad I missed it.

  2. Oh I so wish I could have been there, thanks for telling us about it :)


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