Monday, May 20, 2013

Bold and Beautiful Easy Sew Clothes

Lately instead of sewing, I've been looking at books about sewing.  I get on the library website and place books on hold that I am interested in perusing.  The other day, this book popped up as a suggestion, Bold and Beautiful Easy-Sew Clothes.  I was captivated by the flowing red blouse on the cover, clicked hold, and picked it up today.

Let me say right up front, these are not my "style" of clothes.  They are more experimental, even leaning to the avaunt garde.  The clothing is draping and flowing with unusual angles and shapes.  There is not one piece of clothing in the book that I would wear.  I could see others really liking this style and carrying it off with great panache, but not me.  I also don't need pockets big enough to carry a regulation size NBA basketball.  

I know you are dying to see photos.  But all the photos on line are copyrighted, and taking a photo of a photo in the book ends up a little grainy.  Do a Google image search and you will see what I mean.

The book claims that the patterns are easy.  Having not made any of the patterns in this book, I cannot address this directly, but the construction doesn't necessarily appear to be easy.  On the 'Pinafore Dress' one would have to cut out 32 pieces.  The 'Gathered Skirt' has 26 pieces to cut out.  When I make a skirt it usually consists of two pieces, three if I want a kick pleat, and if I'm feeling really saucy, I might do a waist facing instead of cheating with purchased bias tape!

There are two redeeming pieces of this book, the model is beautiful and the linen fabrics are lovely. 

Unless you have the moxie to carry off unusual fashions and have the patience to make a skirt with 26 pieces, I wouldn't recommend this book.

I can't stand it.  You've just got to see some of these styles.  Here are some grainy photos of photos.  Really, just Google image search!

One last remark from Mr. Foster Reviews It.  He said the the clothes remind him of something Denise Huxtable would have worn on the Cosby Show.  Some of you know what he means by that!


  1. It think the easy part is that you wont have any fitting problems because all the garments are shapeless.

    This really reminds me of alternative plus size women over a decade ago. This style of clothes was really popular at that time.

  2. Great review and I'm so with Mr Foster Review It on this :)

  3. I think I'm way to traditional in my taste for this style... And I also have a hard time seeing who besides a thin model standing still would look good in these clothes. Anyway, it's always nice to look through sewing books - even if one just ends up with a firmer idea of what not to make =)

  4. I'm interested in if anyone has ACTUALLY constructed one of the designs...for instance the "gathered skirt".

  5. Mr. Foster's right... and that's why (sort of) I ordered this book! I will be making the simplest tops in linen-- my favorite fabric to wear here in the tropics! I don't know how I missed seeing this on your blog, but I'm glad I saw it today!

    Hugs and happy highways,


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