Wednesday, May 15, 2013

1930s Button Dress Upcycle

#3007 1930s Button DressDo you remember the Decades of Style 1930s Button Dress disaster?  If not, you can click here.  But don't spend too long, the whole thing is sort of embarrassing.  

I thought it might be time to do something about the unsightly mess and turn it into something I could use.  So I picked out the side zipper and lopped the bodice clean off.  Then I replaced the zipper. and began the process of taking it in using darts and pleats.  

Because I didn't want to draft a waist facing, I used packaged quilting bias tape that I had sitting around to finish it off.  I also thought it needed a little more pizzazz so I added bias tape to the hem as well.  

I didn't feel like modeling it the day I finished it so it is hanging on my new shepherd's crook.  It's that whole natural light thing. 

Here it is on me the next day on my way to work.  It was still a little big, but I did get complements on from my co-workers!

Please look at the skirt and the petunias, not the weeds in the crack of my sidewalk!


  1. You know I had to click over;) Ouch! Well, you salvaged the skirt nicely. And now you just have to find a new project for those cool buttons!

  2. Love that fabric! It's so bright! Good for you upcycling that dress! I would be a pity if you didn't do anything with that gorgeous fabric.

  3. Well done for making something of a disaster...I have too much on my Pile of Shame that I just can't face looking at.I have made so many things that whilst lovely in themselves,such as this gorgeous 30's dress of yours,have been just the wrong thing for me or just completely laughable full stop.Lovely pink fabric though.
    Plus weeds in cracks look charming and quaint...or that is what I tell myself anyway!

  4. I had to check out your disaster....yup. I've had em' too. Your buttons were gorgeous! Glad you salvaged a cute shirt! But I'm totally staring at the weed now...shame on you!

    Says the girl with bald patches in her grass, dying squash in the garden, and several empty planters in the yard...who has time for landscaping when they own a sewing machine?

  5. I too clicked through - the temptation was too great once you fed us the link and all I can say is 'oh dear'! Now your revamp is a totally different story and just goes to show how something can be totally transformed - and if you hadn't mentioned the weeds in the cracks I wouldn't have even noticed them. The moral of this story has to be don't point out the bad bits to us leave us happily admiring all the good. :)


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