Monday, March 11, 2013

I Found a New Quilt Shop! And Antiques. And Art. And Cacti.

It was a blizzard as we hit Scipio on our way to a softball tournament in St. George, UT.  My daughter was already there, playing in the pouring rain.  Unfortunately, due to the horrible driving conditions, we missed the last game of the evening.  They won, by the way.  We won't talk about the other games they played that day.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it, the games were cancelled the next day even though it was clear because the fields were a muddy mess.  That freed us up to be tourists and do a little shopping!
When we are in St. George, we love to drive out to Coyote Gulch Art Village in the community of Kayenta. On our way there, however, we had to drive through Santa Clara.  And lo and behold, what did  I notice?  A quilt shop I had never been in.  And yes, I made the whole family stop and go in with me.  I bribed them since the sign said they had old fashioned candy.  The Clover Patch Quilt Shop was a wonderful find! All the fabrics were $7.99 a yard.  I never can find fabric under $10.99 these days so I was thrilled.  I restrained myself fairly well, but I did buy 4 1/2 yards.  

These cute fabrics are for my daughter. They are called Geeky Chic from Riley Blake designs.  The glasses fabric has a slight flaw in that some of the bottoms of the glasses are not complete.  I don't think you will notice it when it is sewn into a skirt.  

The bicycle fabric is for me.  It is from Henry Glass Fabrics.  I'm going to make a skirt.  You don't think that is to young for a super hip forty-something do you?

The Clover Patch also does online sales so if you stop by and buy something tell them I that I sent you from this blog.  I'm not getting a cutback or anything, but maybe in the future.....

A few storefronts down the road from the quilt shop is a wonderful antique shop called Elegance N Rust.  My whole family loved this store.  We browsed for a long time.  I bought this silver plated butter dish.  All it needs is a little polish.  Why something so fancy?  I seem to break all my butter dishes, it's a curse of some kind, but this, I cannot break!

We finally made it to Coyote Gulch and looked at all the beautiful art galleries and shops.  We thought this bicycle bottle carrier from Away From the North was pretty spiffy.  

I love the windmills and the sculptures and the cacti that one finds in this area.  Enjoy these photos from Coyote Gulch Art Community. 



  1. I just love the name Coyote Gulch...i watch too many black and white westerns from the 40's when crocheting!
    love the fabrics and if i had the bike fabric i would be making a skirt too and i am MUCH older than you....GO FOR IT!!!

  2. Great finds and beautiful pictures! Nothing like a new fabric-shop, and the bottle carrier is genious. What a lovely day out for the entire family =)

  3. What a fun and fruitful trip! I just LOVE the fabrics, especially the glasses. It reminds me of those stamps that were printed upside down and are now a valuable collector's item. I think the bicycles are entirely age-appropriate - lots of women of all ages ride bikes. :) Oh, and I'm even OLDER than Urban Rustic! So there!
    Coyote Gulch looks like an interesting community with all the outdoor art. The cacti look very familiar too!

  4. Beautiful setting for an art community! Those cacti are gorgeous. Who says the desert isn't colorful? And what a thrill to find a new quilt shop. :)


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