Monday, March 4, 2013

February Blocks of the Month

Does having a finished part of a work-in-progress make it a finish? I think so. I'm linking this with Finish It Up Friday.

Here are my February blocks for Pile O' Fabrics Skill Builder Block of the Month Series.

I actually don't like the yellow block.  I think it is too pale.  But I am not doing it over.  This is a skill builder.  Live and learn.

This it the Western Block of the Month from Quilt's Etc

I would never have picked that green, but I quite like it with the cowboy fabric.  

Care to see how I quilted the blocks from last month?

I have this excellent new marking pencil that I will review in another post.  You can see the lines on the black block.

I'm quite excited about the "quilt as you go" aspect of these blocks. I bought a new book, One Line at a Time, Encore by Charlotte Warr Anderson.

This book has some amazing quilting ideas that will go well with each individual block.  I'll let you know how it goes.

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  1. I love both of your February blocks - pretty colors and designs. The Western blocks are looking very nice, too - I bet you have some lucky person in mind for that one when you're done.
    Your quilting is amazing. I especially love the leafy pattern on the orange one. I am curious, or maybe confused, about how quilt-as-you-go works. How do the blocks get put together at the end?

  2. OK, so I'm extremely jealous right now! *wink*. Diligent practice makes perfect. Wow!

    I've only ever yo-yo quilted, however, I recently chopped up two shirts of my Mr. (worn pits...) and want to make baby boy quilts eventually for each of my girls for when they have babies. *wink* "Lolo quilts." I'm sentimental that way.

    So your posts inspire me. Hmm. If all these talented ladies can learn something new, they can teach me, too!

    Thanks, Lisa!

  3. Look at your blocks - they're great and I love how you're using a different stash colour for each. I'm sooooo behind, I fmq'd the first 3 columns of Sound Wave and my neck problem from last week resurfaced - it's def the fmq that's causing it. I'll have to do just 3 columns a day I think. Looking forward to seeing how you quilt these two Feb blocks :)

  4. These blocks are simply lovely! I've never had the courage to tackle an entire quilt before so I sincerely admire those who do. And I totally agree: a finished block is indeed a finish! Great work!

  5. Beautiful blocks Foster they are all lovely. I really like the yellow one, even if it is not your favorite:) That book looks very interesting. Let us know how you like it.

  6. visiting from crazymumqyuilts. I love the quilting you have done on last months blocks. It looks very professional.


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