Monday, February 25, 2013

Prom Dresses at Dazzling Dress Rentals

If you haven't recently been prom dress shopping for yourself or your daughter, let me see if I can use a few words to describe the experience.  Time consuming and headache inducing.  I will follow up with a few words to describe the dresses.  Sleazy, expensive, sleazy, poorly made, and did I say sleazy?

My daughter and I spent at least 12 hours looking everywhere, including vintage and consignment stores to find that perfect dress.  The new dresses run about 200 dollars with the more modest skin-covering styles running upwards of 300 dollars.  More fabric I guess for the modest dresses!

Sadly, I did not have time to make a dress since I am such a pokey Joe when it comes to sewing.

Discouraged I thought it would be a good idea to look in the local classifieds,, for used prom dresses.  Same problems as above.  People definitely over-value their used items.  While doing a little on-line browsing, I came across an add for Dazzling Dress Rentals in Riverton.  Was I willing to drive 15 miles from my house to see if there was any decent dresses for my daughter?  You bet.

This business was in a large outbuilding next to the owner's home.  It had hundreds of dresses in all the sizes you could imagine.  And we found it.  Finally.

My daughter tried on several blinged out dresses until she finally settled on this dress of layered lace and netting.  It originally didn't have the straps but the owner sewed them in for free!  She said she didn't charge for modesty.  There is also a small hoop that we rented underneath.  I would have preferred a little more sleeve, but after all our shopping, I would have been happy with a burlap sack as a shawl!

Not only were there a million varieties of dresses, also for rent were shrugs and jackets, shoes, accessories, and matching ties for the boys. 

How much did this set me back? $75 for the dress and $10 for the hoop.  You may be thinking that this is still a lot for one evening.  However, the boys spend about as much renting a tux, so I happily forked it over, thrilled that I wasn't spending $300 on a dress she would likely never wear again.  

Not only did Dazzling Dress Rentals have a large variety of dresses to choose from, the owners were always friendly.  They certainly aren't lacking for business. Every time I went there, once to try on dresses, once to pick it up, and once to drop it off again, there were always several girls trying on gowns.  We even bumped in to Shawn Bradley, former player of the 76ers and Dallas Mavericks, shopping with his daughter.  (I had to throw that makes me almost famous!) I guess I'm not the only one who has experienced prom dress shopping frustration!

I will certainly rent from there again.  That is if I don't decide to make a dress.  In that case, I'd better get started now!

Dazzling Dress Rentals

Hair by Miranda at Super Cuts on Ft. Union
(Photo does not do the do justice!)


  1. Just beautiful! It's so hard to find appropriate prom dresses that are wholesome now. Like you said, most prom dresses are really tacky. I just got one for my daughter. But it was a Tadashi and not meant as a prom dress.

  2. Your daughter looks just gorgeous! It is so hard to find nice, decent clothing for young women. We have the same problem with my teen. So disquisting that there are not very many designers who believe in modesty. Again, just beautiful!

  3. She looks lovely! Beautiful dress!

  4. What lovely photos of your beautiful daughter and the dress is a dream, you must be so proud.

  5. Your daughter is stunningly beautiful! And very much looks like a young lady =) I like the straps, and as they are so wide the dress is both pretty and modest even without sleeves (to my eyes, at least). I'm glad for you both that you found such a great place to rent a dress! For 85 dollars, I think sewing it would have cost more... And taken much more time.

    We never had a prom (not a tradition in my hometown) but I do remember my 8 year younger sister having a much harder time than me finding a nice dress for her high school graduation. Something had happened during just those 8 years, and overall I find teenage fashion has become just a bit too... reveiling. Or maybe I'm just old and old-fashioned =)

  6. She looks lovely! Very nice choice on the dress, and it sounds like you found a great business to support. I agree that dresses for everything from prom to wedding gowns could be a lot classier these days. It seems to be all about showing skin. Good for you and your daughter for bucking that trend.

  7. The dress is a perfect choice and your daughter is absolutely beautiful! The rental place is such a great find. It made me smile when I read that the owner does not charge for modesty. There must be so many girls who would like to cover a bit more but they end up wearing something strapless, with a jacket. I think this all worked out so wonderfully. Hurray for Mom!

  8. Your daughter is gorgeous and I love the dress! I can completely relate to what you are saying about the sleazy and poorly made nature of the modern prom dresses. I remember being in high school and actually thinking the same thing and begging my time crunched Mother to make me handmade dresses. I'm so glad to see a young woman looking classy and stunning and avoiding the trend of thinking showing a lot of skin is what's required at prom. Great find!

  9. Gorgeous dress and daughter!
    It's award time if you care to take a look!! xx

  10. she looked beautiful. I rented my dress for prom when i was in high school too. best way to go by far!

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