Thursday, January 3, 2013

January Soul Searching

My favorite photos will be scattered throughout this post and may not have anything to do with the content!

I've been doing a little bloggy soul searching trying to decided what direction my blog should take. 

Originally, due to the horrible Mexican restaurants in Utah, (you've heard my rants on this before) I thought I'd review restaurants and local businesses.  I would get discovered, become a famous local reviewer, and viola, make a little money in the process.  

Instead, I found more support in the on-line sewing and quilting community.  Book blog people can be snobby and no one ever looks at the links on book linky parties.  Camping and outdoor blogs don't have linky parties.  I've rarely had a bite (get it? a bite?) on the linky parties for recipes.  As for local restaurants and businesses, it appears that the local newspapers have the corner on that market.

I asked a few blogging friends for advice, and it was all fabulous.  I asked if I should keep my blog the same.  Should I narrow it down to just sewing and quilting?  Should I actively try to generate new followers?  How much time does that take?

I have decided keep my blog the same with some minor changes until April when I have to take an language arts test for teachers.  And it is all former President Bush's fault and the ill-fated No Child Left Behind Act.   (If everyone can blame current and past presidents for anything that may be wrong, silly as it is, so can I!) You see, even though I have taken, and passed (with flying colors I might add)  teaching and content tests in all the states that I have worked in, have taught successfully and with great evaluations for 19 years, was the 'Secondary Special Education Professional of the Year' last year, and the State of Utah found I was qualified enough to issue me a teaching certificate, somehow, according to NCLB, I am not highly qualified to teach English.  Math, yes.  English , no.   

Am I bragging? No.  Well, maybe a little.  But I wanted you to see the ridiculousness of me having to take a test to show I'm highly qualified to teach English.  Good grief.  I am a special education teacher.  I'm just trying to get my awesome students to put periods on the ends of their sentences.  Teaching iambic pentameter in Shakespeare's Sonnet 18 is not going to help with their life skills.  

Alas, I must study obscure poetry references, past participles, and gerund phases.  Oh yes, I still have a family, a job, church, and most importantly, I have to help my son prepare to leave for missionary service in February.  Thus, my time commitment to my blog will remain the same as it has always been.  I am actually quite happy with this decision at the moment.  I love my blog. I love my followers. I am such a slow seamstress, it is amazing that I post any sewing at all.  

I do have a few goals for the year that hopefully won't take too much time away from studying.  Or maybe sub-consciously I hope they do take time from studying!

Pile O' FabricI joined Pile O' Fabric's 'Skill Builder Block of the Month.'  That won't be too hard to keep up with.  And if I get behind, there is always spring break and summer to catch up.  I also might write a guest post for another, bigger blog.  More on that to come.  Those are my only blogging goals so far this year.  

I hope you enjoyed this post.  I hope you enjoy all my posts or I wouldn't write them.  I you have any suggestions for my blog or have an opinion about the content, please feel free to comment or send me an email.

Lest I forget, the No Child Left Behind Act receives zero out of five stars for more reasons than I can even list!


  1. Ouch, that's really bad to have to study for something you won't even need for a profession you're already practicing and have a ton of experience in =( I know our schoolsystem did something similar a while back, all teachers needed... well, I'm not sure exactly what more they needed, but for a while a lot of teachers went back to uni for a semester or two, to get a higher degree than had been needed when they started working, just so they could keep their jobs! Hang in there, I'm sure you'll get through it with flying colours!

    Also, I love your blog, just as it is! I always prefer blogs that mixes different parts of life, it makes the blogger more of a person and less of a character =) Looking forward to what you'll post during 2013!

  2. Ditto Erika!

    Hanging' in there with you!

  3. AMEN NCLB sucks! I hate it, I think most teachers do. Anyway, I love your blog and the variety. You keep writing and I'll keep reading.

  4. Although I'm not currently sewing, but I love viewing your projects and often read the sewing/craft/quilting blogs you link into. I also enjoy the reviews of restaurants (I live in the same location) and the books because I'm a great reader. Your photos are lovely and well done. Keep up with what you can, and I'll keep following.

  5. On the topic of your blog, I like the varied content! I think blogs should be a personal pleasure first and a public product second, unless you are selling something. After all, blogs started out as just another medium for keeping a personal journal.
    On the topic of No Child Left Behind, it is the worst. I don't know a single teacher, parent, or student who has benefited the least bit but all have been negatively affected. What a disaster.

  6. I love your blog! I also say "BOO" to NCLB and all of the crap our District guru thinks we need to do. You rock!

  7. I love the mixture of topics you include. I post all kinds of things on my blog too. As Katrina notes, blogs started out as a personal journal and that is how I use mine.
    On the education policy - successive governments here have used the education system to score political points. We have "Every Child Matters". There's much I could say, but won't!
    Keep up the blog while you enjoy it because I certainly enjoy reading.

  8. Forgot to say, I love your new blog wall paper - very classy!

  9. I love new look of your blog...and I read it often and it is lovely and full of fun information and always always inspires me. Keep up the fun reading for me and carry on!

  10. I enjoy the variety in your blog. I read quite a few blogs with more narrow topics, but I like that when I read your blog it is always a surprise.


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