Monday, January 14, 2013

Anise Jacket Progress #3 and McCalls 5523

Since my last progress report on the jacket, I am happy to say that I have finished the collar, facing, welt pockets, and am half way done with the sleeves.  

Here are photos of the inside and outside of the welt pockets, which, by the way, were much easier than bound button holes.

I didn't sew down the edges of the pockets at the time I took this photo.  I figured I could do that while watching Downton Abby!

I'm on page 27 of the 33 page instruction book and I am taking a break!  I tried on the jacket without the sleeves and it seemed a little big.  I basted in the one sleeve to see if that would make a difference and it didn't.  I also had those annoying sleeve puckers that the basting is supposed to ease out.  That never works for me.  So I've decided to put it aside for a few days and mull over how to take the jacket in and learn how to do the sleeve without puckers.  

I will finish this jacket, by gum, but I need a rest.  It is all I have been doing for weeks and weeks now and I need to work on something fresh. I have a few gifts to make (no peeking yet), and I started cutting out McCalls 5523. View A.  Eight pattern pieces, straight seams, and a zipper.  Refreshing.


What is left? Setting the sleeves, the hem, the lining, and I am done. Oh, to be done with this project.  What bliss!


  1. Yeah, BREAK TIME! You'll tackle every issue successfully with fresh eyes. Amazing what "sleeping on it" will do! Sometimes I've awakened with, "I've got it! I know exactly how to remedy it," and it's usually right on target.

  2. 33 pages of instructions? I can't decide if that's helpful or completely overwhelming! I know that jacket is going to be just gorgeous when finished, but it will be nice to have that skirt as a little R&R. That is a very cute pattern.

  3. I like the fabric and the pocket tops look so neat!I agree with Katrina too 33 pages of instructions is about 30 more than I could cope with!
    skirt looks deliciously 1930's too!

  4. Just came upon your blog when I was Googling for the Anise jacket. I was wondering if anyone out there was still slogging away at the Anise and it looks like you and I are at the exact same step! I just completed my welt pockets this past weekend. I completely agree that they are a lot easier than bound buttonholes for sure! I look forward to seeing more of your progress. By the way, those welt pockets look awesome!

  5. Sounds like you have a lot on your plate. Hang in there :-) Stopping by from Salt Tree's linky party and your newest follower. Your welted pockets look great!!

    Here is what I shared this week:

  6. I love the fabric you are using for your jacket. I've sewn welt pockets before and found them a little challenging! Thanks for dropping by my blog.

  7. That skirt looks very cute! I hope it gives you a nice break from your jacket (which is looking incredible, btw).


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