Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Alfie Boe and Tom Brokaw with The Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas Concert


I was so lucky to have received tickets to the dress rehearsal of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir's Christmas concert with Tony Award Winner Alfie Boe and award winning news anchor and author, Tom Brokaw.  Tickets for the concert are a highly prized possession, and are given away for free by a random internet selection.  The concert in held in the beautiful 21,000 seat Conference Center in downtown Salt Lake City.

Alfie Boe was incredible.  Fantastic.  Inspiring.  I will sappily admit that his emotional rendition of 'Bring Him Home' brought tears to my eyes.  Which is why it is so unfortunate that whoever designed the program had him also sing the 'Home Alone' song and 'Home For the Holidays.'  A British tenor of that caliber really shouldn't be singing about Dixie and being down home in Tennessee.  It just didn't ring true.  

Tom Brokaw was amazing as well as he recited Luke 2 and told the story of the Candy Bomber in World War II.  In the middle of the story, candy connected to handkerchief parachutes fell from the ceiling of the Conference Center. To our surprise, the Candy Bomber himself, Gail Halvorson, was introduced to the audience.  He was pretty spry for 92 as ran down the stairs to meet Tom Brokaw.

I don't think I have ever called an organ piece delightful before, but when Richard Elliot played the 'Sleigh Ride' on the organ I was delighted.  Every part including percussion parts of the wood blocks and the whip were included and played by the organist.  It was amazing.  His feet went quickly over the pedals without one mistake. 

There were only a few elements that were distracting from the otherwise tremendous performance.  During the first number, my husband and I both noticed that the amplification for the Choir had a slight static sound.  Perhaps it was only from the speakers where we were sitting.  Also, the dancers were more distracting than entertaining.   To clarify, the children who danced as part of the Candy Bomber selection were a great addition to the part and added a nice touch.  

The orchestra and the bell choir should not be left out as they played a fantastic performance as well.  

Gail Halverson  mormonnewsroom.org
 I can't wait to get my tickets for next year!



  1. JEALOUS x 18! Oh, my! What a fabulous experience!

  2. That is just incredible! It was just a dress rehearsal? It sounds as though it was the performance of the century! I think I would have cried for sure when the Candy Bomber came running out. How lucky you were to get tickets.
    That organ must produce the most beautiful and powerful music - it really looks magnificent. I am so glad that there are still great performances like this and that there are still people who really appreciate them. :)

  3. That sounds amazing, I love Alfie Boe but have never seen him live. Just wanted to send you all best wishes from England for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2013. Karen x


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