Sunday, November 11, 2012

Gershwin Gala with the Utah Symphony
Last weekend my husband and I  went to Rhapsody in Blue night at the Utah Symphony.  While we knew would hear the concerto, we were surprised that we would also be entertained by Broadway soprano, Lisa Vroman.  The evening was conducted by Jerry Steichen.

These two together were hoot and wildly entertaining, not to mention talented.  Lisa rocked her three gorgeous gowns as well.  Lisa's voice is clear, fabulous, and emotional in both opera style and Broadway belt.  I was delightful to hear her sing the well known songs as well as pieces I'd never heard before.  

Oh, and the performance of Rhapsody in Blue by Jason Hardink, wow! He's handsome to boot!

I am so familiar with this piece and yet the phrasing was different than any I'd  heard and I loved it.  There might have been a few rhythm glitches with the orchestra, but they passed quickly and I was left wondering if it was a glitch or if it was suppose to be that way. 

It doesn't hurt to have handsomeness twice. Thus, photo #2.

In some of the original 1924 reviews this concerto was called trite, feeble, sentimental, and vapid.  This either means those of us who love this concerto are trite, feeble, etc.  (I've been called worse.)  Or it means that the reviewers didn't know a great, new, modern masterpiece when it hit them in the face.  I prefer the latter theory.  

The night wouldn't have been complete without mentioning the fantastic clarinetist, Tad Calcara. It is not in many symphonic performances that the clarinet is featured, but with Gershwin the clarinet shines.  And Tad made it shine.  Rhapsody in Blue wouldn't start out nearly as amazing without that well played glissando at the beginning.

Tad even wore an official Artie Shaw jacket.  The conductor showed the certificate to the audience to prove it.  The jacket sealed the deal on an amazing clarinet performance.

Another 5 star evening with the Utah Symphony.


  1. Just love Rhapsody in Blue and the moment I read your post I had to listen to it again, thank you for sharing and making my Monday morning very special :)

  2. Like ChrissieD, I will be listening again to Rhapsody in Blue! Oh, yeah! And what a treat you had.

  3. Wonderful to enjoy well loved pieces as they should be - live. For today, I'll be making do with a CD too!

  4. Sounds like a wonderful night! Now I have some lovely music playing in my head...


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