Sunday, November 4, 2012

Bryce Canyon Queen's Garden Hike

A few weeks ago in October, my family and I once again traveled to the lovely Bryce Canyon National Park.  

We took an easy trail down to Queen's Garden to see a rock formation that is said to look like Queen Victoria.  We continued our hike back up the Navajo Trail to Sunset Point. Except for the blog watermark, I didn't do any editing to the following photos.  These are exactly the colors as we saw them.

Our Descent

This is Queen Victoria.  Do you think it looks like her? I think so.  Perhaps my British friends could weigh in on the matter.  

Our Ascent

The second half of this hike was more difficult with steep inclines and a series of switchbacks.  

We also took a smaller hike, Bristlecone Loop, at the south end of the park.

I love Utah! 5 out of 5 stars for the beautiful National Parks.


  1. Truly amazing scenery and stunning colours.

    The Victoria rock really does look like an eroded scupture, funny.

  2. Those really are beautiful colors. My parents hiked around the Bryce Canyon area a couple of years ago, but they did not mention seeing the queen! LOL

    I nominated you for an award, which you can see here:


  3. Wow! fantastic view i really love this place, hope to be there soon. Thanks for sharing!

    Hiking in Bryce Canyon


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