Friday, November 9, 2012

100 Day Hustle Half Way Mark

Foster here, reporting on the 100 day Hustle sponsored by Kelsey Sews.

I'm so glad I did this because it has made me somewhat accountable to myself, and I've gotten a lot done. 

White Retro Blouse--done and blogged about here.

Block of the Month for Oct, Nov, Dec.  October and November--done but not photos.

Place mats for wedding gift--done and blogged here.

Pillow for a b-day--done and blogged here.

Jumper for white blouse--not done and debating if I want to finish it at all.  I'm thinking I might look like a sausage in it.  Still thinking about it.

Anise jacket--not started but the materials are purchased and gathered.

Bind Scrappy Quilt--done.

Pillow Sham #2--blocks made but sham is still undone.

Knitted and crocheted simple gifts--mostly done but not blogged about.  I'm going to post pictures.  Therefore,  family members, this is the time you should stop reading so you can't see your gifts.

 Detail of basket weave stitch close up.

And last, begin Starlet jacket--not even close.

Onward and upward for the next 50 days!  Thanks for spurring me on Kelsey!

Kelsey Sews


  1. My you are ambitious! I love Anise jacket...must find a copy. :)

  2. oh my goodness, the knitting alone would have killed me! well done all round!

  3. Wow, you've cracked on - this hustle is really getting you all going! :)

  4. What a load of projects ticked off!
    Good luck with Gertie's jacket - love that style.

  5. I am using the hustle to keep me accountable too! What neat projects you have going. I really like the pieced blocks you made for that pillow. And I always love basket weave for knitting. Such a fun scrunchy texture. Good luck for the rest of your hustling!

  6. Wow - jackets and blouses terrify me. I won't even attempt them until I have a dress form. Looks like you're doing great - love that birthday pillow!

  7. If I could just be HOME for 100 days straight...

    Wow. Your projects and progress are AWEsome!

  8. You've made great progress!! Love the pillow - the ruffle is perfect :)


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