Sunday, October 28, 2012

Vintage Butterick 3067 With a Little Thrift Thrown in for Good Measure


Is this not the most darling cowboy boot inspired shoe design you've ever seen?  $4.99!  I will get to that in a minute.

But first, several months ago I posted about a back-to-school pattern that I wanted to make.  Butterick 3067. I'm a little behind schedule as usual, but at least I got the blouse finished. 

I finally got the shirt completed.  It wasn't difficult, although I am glad I made a muslin because I changed the bust darts about 4 or 5 times.  I also took in the sides, but there is still a great deal of ease.  

I did not opt for the pointy sleeves although I love the pointy collar.  The only design element I didn't like was the neck facing.  

You can see it showing through the fabric so I trimmed it down.  It just doesn't lay right where the two collar pieces meet.  It is probably only noticeable to me.  The fabric, by the way, is a small Swiss dot from Yellow Bird Fabrics.

I'm planning to wear this as a staple in my wardrobe, but doesn't it look fabulous with this vintage Bill Blass suit I found for $9 at the thrift shop? The color is more orange than the photo shows.  I had to add the hair and glasses for Halloween. Let me be clear that I am not wearing the suit to anything but Halloween celebrations.

The suit is actually a nicely constructed, wool, lined piece of clothing.

Speaking of thrift stores, I have found some other great deals lately. First, I found this lined, wool, flared skirt for a song.  I paired it with a Lands End blouse (on sale, of course) in a color that I don't usually wear but gave it a shot anyway.   I had to take the tank part of the blouse up 3 inches and take the sides in a total of 4.  It is still too baggy.  Lands End clothes seem to have an incredible amount of ease.  So while I am easily a large and sometimes extra-large, a medium is what I should buy from this company.

This brings me back to the beginning.  Those cute, cute, shoes.  Good Will.  $4.99.  What a bargain.  Don't you love those great thrifty deals when you can find them?

My husband took my pictures and told me to 'work it, work it.'  I don't think I'm the model type.  Judge for yourself. The best photo is of the shoe!

This is me "workin' it."  It just doesn't work!

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  1. You look darn cute in all the photos. These are all great outfits. I would even find a way to make that great wool suit work for daily wear. I love the pointy collar on that blouse - that's the first thing I would have made from that pattern, for sure. The shoes are definitely one of those once in a lifetime finds. Really fantastic. Lucky you!

  2. Great shoes! And I do love the Bill Blass suit, too and the top goes without saying. Not sure why you wouldn't generally wear the Land's End color shirt? It looks great on your coloring!
    Great costume idea!

  3. The blouse is lovely, and it looks very nice on you. A good choice of pattern. The shoes? I really love the shoes! What an awesome Goodwill find!

  4. Taking photos is SO hard. THe blouse is awesome. As is that Bill Blass suit! And that hair =)


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