Monday, October 15, 2012

A Year on Ladybug Farm

A Year on Ladybug Farm by Donna Ball was "chick lit" for sure.  I kept asking myself, "Do I like this book?"  When I was finished with the whole thing, I decided that while it wasn't a real thinker, it had its funny passages, and I was interested in some of the secondary characters.

The story takes place in the Shenandoah Valley where three friends, women in their fifties, buy a rundown farm with a large home and plan to restore it.  They make a pact that they will give it one year before they decide if they were going to stay or not.

This book had its charming parts, its funny parts, its colorful characters, a ghost, and a sprinkling of family drama.  But the thing my book club and I could not get over was the lack of financial sense these women had.  The house was a money pit.  One of the women was a realtor and come on, she didn't have the sense to know that she should get a home inspection? None of them have any money coming in from anywhere and in the end of the book, they are able to come up with more money from various sources.  Now here is what killed me.  The former school teacher cashed in her retirement so they could continue to stay in the home.  Ahhhh. How dumb was that? Maybe I'm just too practical.

This finance issue stressed me out enough that I considered reading the second book to see if the ladies fared any better.  As I was looking on Amazon to buy it, I decided I really wasn't that interested and wouldn't read the two books that followed.  The fact that I wasn't willing to read the sequel tells you right there that the book was just OK and not fabulous.  

Three out of five stars seems reasonable for this book.


  1. Sounds like this book would wind me up too! If only real life was this easy eh?

  2. When do you have time to read all of these books?

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