Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Murray Farmers' Market

This year the tomatoes in my garden were a disaster.  Look at these dry leaves bearing small fruit. Yes, I watered.  And no, I didn't water too much!

Compared to my garden last year, these tomatoes make me want to cry.

Here is one little tomato plant that did well.  It spontaneously grew from seeds of the tomatoes I planted last year, and it produced better than the nursery purchased tomatoes.

Thank goodness we have a fabulous farmer's market in Murray.  It is a true farmers market with about 40 vendors selling only local produce and backed goods.  There are no craft vendors at this market.

I had to buy my tomatoes for canning this year at the market.  They were beautiful.

Here are other delicious goodies you can find there.

One of our favorite treats at Murray Farmers' Market is Volker's Bakery.  They  sell the most divine artisan breads.  Our favorite is Asiago Basil.  If you look carefully in the shadows, one of the owners is directly below the 'R' making a face at the camera.  

We noticed that it became quite cumbersome to carry all the produce through the market.  Especially if we had to carry a watermelon! So last Mother's Day I asked for a collapsible red canvas wagon I had seen others using at the market.  I asked for it every day for several weeks before Mother's Day.  On Mother's Day, I received lotion.  So on Father's Day my husband received my Mother's Day gift.

This is a super large, super sturdy wagon.  The only problem with the design is that the handle and the wheels are all attached to the axle separately.  So when I turn the handle to go left, for example,  the independently attached wheels stay on the same course for a few seconds until the force of me going another direction corrects the direction of the wheels.  This becomes quite a pain really when the wagon gets heavy with produce.  
Yesterday I spent canning my farmers' market peaches.  My husband gave me a camp stove for Christmas.  Right now you are thinking, "Wow, I wish my husband would give me a camp stove instead of the diamonds he usually gives me! And he should throw in a red canvas wagon!"  Put your envy aside.  Perhaps if you let him read how cool a Camp Chef stove is, he will get one for you.  

It actually was nice to have the water bath canner outside, not taking up space on my stove while I prepared the fruit.  I always worried about the heavy canner ruining the element on my stove.  The camp chef is sturdy and runs off propane.  Having the stove outside also keeps the kitchen cooler.  

Look at my red-neck canning kitchen!

My garden wasn't a total loss this year.  I had other produce that grew quite well.  

Let's give it all a review, shall we?

Murray Farmers' Market 5 out of 5 stars.


Red Canvas Wagon from Sam's Club 4 out of 5 stars.

Camp Chef camp stove 5 out of 5 stars.

Now how about a little treat!


  1. Wow! That is a nice canning rig! The farmer's market looks lovely. I can't wait for pumpkins & squash.

  2. Yes, that is s o cool to set up the canner outside! Well. gerdening is like sewing, sometimes it's the process and not the outcome we enjoy. Our carrots were terrible this year.

  3. So many amazing pictures!
    Your market looks brilliant. Such wonderful fresh produce. Great photos.
    Over here people have upright shopping trolleys rather than your wagon style and of course prams and pushchairs have shopping trays.
    Great garden produce. The only thing we had success with this year was the blueberries but not a surplus we needed to bottle.
    The camp stove was a lot bigger than I was expecting! Not like our tiny version. We keep looking at outdoor wok burners and plan to invest in one of those sometime.


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