Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Vintage Pattern Storage

I haven't been in the sewing mood.  I think it is because I am back to work, and until just a few hours ago, my sewing room was a mess.  It was one of my projects for the summer.  Clean up and muck out the sewing room.  I started the project two days before the students joined me in the classroom.  Better late than never, I suppose.

While cleaning, I finally got around to doing something with all my lovely vintage pattern collection. I've read somewhere that comic book stores have great acid free plastic baggies with with acid free cardboard.  My comicbookaholic son confirms this fact.  The cardboard can be used to keep the tissue pattern away from the instructions and the pattern envelope.  Apparently the tissue and the paper from the instructions and envelope cause each other to disintegrate faster than they would otherwise.

I wonder what the clerk at Night Flight Comics thought when I purchased several comic book bags with cardboard backing.  He probably just thought I was buying for my son who was with me.  I don't look like the comic book type...or do I?  No matter.  The bags were 25 cents each.

First, I took a pattern of which I had previously made a copy.  I pinned my copy together.  I put the envelope and instructions in front of the cardboard and the tissue pattern behind the cardboard.

I then clipped the pattern and my replica on a skirt hanger and hung it in the closet

The other patterns were placed the same way in the bags but are now in a filing cabinet roughly ordered chronologically from 1946.

The large Vogue patterns do not fit in the comic book envelopes.

While going through my patterns, I found that a previous owner had made tracings and fittings of a pattern on tissue and butcher paper. I wondered who it could be and if they actually made the pattern again. 

I now feel organized enough to actually finish a vintage pattern I started over a month ago! Happy sewing to me!


  1. Congratulations, that's a great feeling. I have about 6,000 patterns (I sell them for a living) and they are all in comic book supplies.
    You can buy larger sizes of bags to fit the large Vogues, and I'm surprised at the 25¢ per bag cost, I think you can get them in packs for a lot less.
    They will have cardboard boxes that are perfect for storage, also in two sizes - "long boxes and magazine size.
    I also get funny looks from the comic book guys, they wonder why I'm getting so many supplies, I think they expect me to have some large amazing comic collection. :-)

  2. I often have that problem with the sewing room mess causing a creative block. With a little organization, I feel free to get back into the sewing again!
    I think your cost per bag was not bad since the board was included and you were only buying a few. Your cost does go down if you buy packs of 100 or so, but not everyone uses that many!
    I should practice what I preach and take better care of my vintage patterns. I store them carefully, but I don't always take the time to trace them instead of using the actual tissue.

  3. Wow, super organised. I'm embarrased at how I store my patterns! That's another job added to my list!

  4. Impressed that you are so organised, feeling rather ashamed of my motley collection of vintage sewing patterns and needlecraft magazines shoved haphazardly into archive boxes ... I will get sorted soon!

  5. Hey, friend! This was illuminating! I will be organizing when I get back to Manila, I hope!

    Thank you for the patterns I won! I'll be thanking you via blog land soon, my dear!

    Kelley of Kelley Highway


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