Tuesday, August 14, 2012

No, No, No, I Mustn't. Well Maybe Just This Once.

I really have no time to start a new hobby. None. Nada. Zip.  In my last post I listed all the projects that are stacking up, and I forgot to list my year end block-of-the-month project from Quilts Etc.  Not to mention that school starts soon, I'm already back at work preparing for the students, and I am taking my oldest to college in a few short days.  

But I got distracted, so it isn't my fault.  (I already sound like my students.) You see, Snippa does such beautiful knitting and crocheting.

And Catherine crochets lovely shawls.  She even gave a go at knitted underwear, but you will have to read her blog for that!

Debbie makes darling accessories and baby clothes. She even has her own Etsy shop.

Is it no wonder that I am inspired?  Inspired enough to blatantly steal the photos right from their blogs to place on my blog.  I exaggerate.  It wasn't blatant or stealing.  I had their permission.  But blatantly stealing sounds so dramatic.   

I had to find some way to justify this new hobby. To make it appear as if I wasn't really spending additional time on this one.  Luckily, I found a justification.  It was as if it was made just for me.  The Olympics. Yes, that's right, the Olympics.  So I joined the Ravellenic Games as a member of Team Colette.  I felt that if I was just sitting there watching the Olympics I might as well be productive by learning how to crochet.  Afterall, I can't place my sewing machine in front of the TV and bother others while watching the Olympics.  My justification was set!  The official cast on was June 27th during the opening ceremonies.  

I went to the store, bought a little card that had the basic crochet stitches written out and illustrated, bought some pretty and soft red yarn, and a pack of crochet hooks.  

I remember learning to crochet 1 simple stitch from a lady a church when I was 12 or so, but I wanted to be sure I could so a nice job.  That is why I started with the easiest scarf pattern I could find on Ravelry.com. Dan's Minimalist Scarf by Cathy Dipierro.  I watched a YouTube video on the ending crab stitch about 3 times before I finally got it.  This is the final project.

Not too bad for a beginner.  When I was finished I started on scarf #2.  I must not have read the pattern right because starting with the second row, for every two stitches there was an increase of one stitch, so three stitches.  This made for a very wonky scarf.  I tore out the stitches and did my own thing roughly based on the pattern. I dropped stitches and added stitches and it was all over the place.  But I liked the lacy effect.  I also did not use the suggested silk straw yarn because that was 32 dollars a skein.  

So now I am hooked.  Get it?  Hooked like a crochet hook?  All right, that was a little too punny.  

Now I have to learn how to knit since I bought all those knitting needles at a yard sale.  Darn, if the Olympics couldn't be all year long!

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  1. Wow! You did a great job. I’m thinking about grabbing my crochet hook and get going myself.


  2. You did wonderfully and both the scarf and the shawl you should be very proud of!!I shouldn't worry too much about being wonky as,with everything,things get less wonky with practice. The main thing is to just have a go and hopefully have some fun so that you want to go back and have a go at something else.What is next on the crocheting agenda??...good luck with the knitting too!

  3. Haha! My daughters knit beautifully, but their mother never shall. No desire.

    See what desire leads to? Beautiful handiwork. Good job!

  4. Yes, well done! Two lovely scarves.
    Crochet can be addictive, watch out!

  5. So beautiful!! sounds like you've caught the bug:) My mom and grandma taught me to crochet and I am completely addictedm, and its a hobby I never grow tired of. Enjoy!! My favorite yarn is "I love this yarn" from Hobby Lobby...we don't have one here, but I mail order. go check it out. Beautiful work!

  6. I'm so glad to have found you this morning. We have a lot in common - I blog at the Empty Nest Mom but had to start a 2nd blog in an effort to contain my interest and love of quilting and stitching. Love your scarves. I used to crochet but haven't picked up a hook for probably 25 years. Now I just live vicariously through other's work. I do cross stitch - I think either a needle or a hook need to be clicking somewhere.
    And you teach? I used to teach high school English. Will have to poke around a bit more here to really get what's going on.

  7. I'm impressed! Both with the results and for taking on a new challenge. I saw some yak yarn on vacation that was very pricey but so beautiful. Didn't buy it tho. :). Thanks so much for linking up at I Gotta Create! <3 Christina

  8. Your shawl is so cozy looking. I would love to knit too but I only have so much time! Don't know how you mange to do it all!

  9. They look amazing, and you'd never guess that you are a beginner:)

  10. Lovely scarves, well done with the crochet - I learned the basics last year & have an attempted jacket which needs unpicking & re-trying with another pattern. Keep threatening to crochet myself some flared leggings a la 1970s ... Hope all is well, K.x

  11. I'd be happy to take some of those needles off your hands... ;)


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