Thursday, July 19, 2012

Scrappy Springtime Quilt Part Two

I finished quilting the top of my quilt.  I decided to use basting spray instead of pins.  What a time saver that was! I still didn't get the quilt super flat without any ripples, but then I noticed that one of my favorite quilting bloggers didn't either so I didn't feel so bad. Notice that my ping pong table really isn't used for ping pong!

I purchased bicycle quilting clips that turned out not to be as useful on my smaller quilt.

Here are some close-ups of the stitching detail.  I used a pale green variegated thread that was quite lovely.  However, in some places my top tension wasn't so spiffy.

I'm still in the process of learning free motion quilting.  I used a large meandering pattern in every other block and a large flower pattern in the others. So my question is, do I unpick? I'll let this sit for a while and then decide.  The next post on this quilt will be about the binding and the quilt will be done! Of course that may be next January...


  1. Could you use some small handstitches to correct the bubbling thread? - just a thought, I'm not a quilter.
    I love the effect of the free-motion style. Working on this scale just amazes me.

  2. I have only machine quilted a couple of times on fairly small quilts and seem to have got away with tension issues...but I much prefer hand quilting.I must admit that tacking the layers together is a real pain because if you don't get it right then it can spoil the whole quilt and it always seems to take so long so your tacky glue stuff sounds ideal!
    Looking forward to seeing it finished!


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