Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Crafts at Girls' Camp

Four summers ago, I was asked to be a leader at church girls' camp. Now this was one of those church assignments that I hoped would never come my way.  Quickly in my head I scanned my summer calendar.  Would we be on vacation that week?  No. Would I be participating in summer teacher training? No.  I had no excuses.  So I went, and surprisingly, I liked girls' camp and have been every year since.  This year I was camp photographer; the easiest year at camp yet.  I would like to share some of the crafts the girls made while we were there.

My friend, Mary Ann, who you met in a previous post, found this pencil necklace idea on Pinterest.  I will contact her so she can give me the link. Luckily for her, she was able to collect all the left over colored pencils form her elementary school colleagues before school got out.  She spent hours drilling holes and cutting the pencils into beads. 

I think the pencil tips add a nice touch.

We also made lanterns by putting stickers on the outside of Mason jars and then spraying with etched glass spray.  When dry, the stickers were peeled off and a small battery powered candle was inserted in a layer of sand.

Each separate camp did their own crafts as well.  Here is a sampling.  The tie-dyed socks and the fabric yo-yos are my favorites.

Here is a photo of a girl who got the butterflies to land on her hands.  Not surprisingly, she also found frogs and caterpillars.

And finally, it wouldn't be girls' camp without a whole lot of food.  Can you believe this giant cake? 10 boxes of cake mix!  The hand is in the photo just to give an idea of scale!

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  1. Yo-yos! They turned out lovely! Everything looks like fun!


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