Saturday, May 26, 2012

Wrap Around Skirt

I have been dying to sew some clothing for myself, but have been busy working in the garden, on a quilt, and have been gathering supplies for the Starlet Jacket and Skirt.  Because the Starlet project requires so much good quality fabric and so many supplies I don't have on hand, I didn't want to spend anymore money on fabric and supplies.  So I went hunting through my stash.  

I found a summery, somewhat Hawaiian print.  It was my daughter's, and I asked if I could use it.  She didn't remember it, but I did.  I said, "Don't you remember when I was busy, and your nice dad took you to the quilt store because they were having a sale?  And all the ladies there thought it was so wonderful for your dad to take you to the fabric store?"  Nope, she didn't remember so the fabric was mine to do with what I would.

I thought the print would lend itself to a summer wrap skirt.  I made it up as I went beginning with my A-line pattern I drafted several months ago.

I didn't want it to be completely straight so I opened up the pattern and added about an inch of flair.  I used my hip curve ruler to draft the waist and the curve at the bottom.  I cut two.  

I folded the two front pieces in half and used that as a guide to cut the back piece on the fold.

I surged the skirt together and tweaked the fit.

 I cut out and used the blue stripe to make a bias waist line with extra length for the ties.  I added a button hole for the tie to loop through. I also added two little "belt loops" in the back to keep the ties from slipping when tied together.

The finished product.

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  1. A gorgeous little skirt!!Your tweaking certainly paid off.Gorgeous!

  2. Great result from a "shared resource".
    Don't you just know though that if you'd gone ahead without checking then your daughter would have said "Isn't that the fabric I bought when I went to the quilting store with Dad?"

  3. What a cool skirt Foster! It almost looks like pleats with the stripes like that.

  4. How fun does that look on you, girl!

  5. Looks great! Thanks for linking up.

  6. Adorable skirt! You have a great eye for color.

  7. Cute skirt! I'm impressed - my husband wouldn't know what a quilt shop was!


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