Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Easiest Pinewood Derby Car Ever

Anyone who has ever been to a Pinewood Derby knows that a dad can sometimes get out-of-hand and overly competitive when it comes to his son's car.  There are tons of websites out there dedicated to the making the fastest car. Some are so technical that there is no way a Cub Scout could follow the directions.  The Bryan on Scouting blog addresses the dad problem. Fortunately this year we had a division for dads to show their cars.

My husband is not handy.  He knows this about himself and willingly admits it.  He decided not to even cut his car but to wrap his car like a Christmas present, and then asked me, "Can you do the wrapping?"

Tape, paper, ribbon and a bow.  Not hard at all.

Instead of competitive, the cars became an outlet to show the dads' creativity and sense of humor. Here is a sample.
This Bedazzled beauty was made for "Mighty Quinn" as a joke.  Quinn is a tough construction contractor and would neither have anything pink nor Bedazzled.  He took it in good humor.

You might be able to guess what this one was called!

This was my son's car.  He made it all by himself and won the "Top of the Class" award.

This was his friend's car and as you can imagine, was quite a hit with the kids.

Darling treats at the end of the derby.


  1. these are great. I'm a single mom to two boys, adopted so huge age difference. One is 15..we didn't really care too much for derby races and with no power toys, graphite, weight we were last by over 3 feet every time raced. Now my younger son is a Tiger and he too could care less! I was looking for something to do where we don't even have to cut the car! Chrismas present is perfect! Seriously we don't even have a hand saw...I need more friends I guess...I don't even feel comfortable asking neighbor for one. Well if kids don't care not much can do though.

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