Thursday, May 10, 2012

Block of the Month Catch Up

How is it that I am always behind on my block of the month?  This month I was determined to catch up and even get the block for April completed before the Block of the Month meeting at Quilts Etc.  

I gathered all my fabric packets together and this is what I found.

I had four packets to complete.  I got busy and started sewing.  Each packet had a beginner option and an intermediate option.  I chose the option depending on how much time I thought it would take me.  If the intermediate was looked like it would take too long and would take too much fastidiousness, I didn't do it .

Here are the results.

Unfortunately, when I was all finished sewing this beautiful blue and white blocks together, and while I was cleaning up the sewing room, what did I notice?  February's fabric packet on the floor under the rocking chair. Back to the sewing machine.  What a shame.

This is a sneak peak at a long term project I'm working on.  The block is 14.5 inches, and each block will have on splash of color in the middle of the creams and tans.  After having taken the photo, I noticed that I have some ripples on the edge.  I must not be cutting exactly on the grain.  But not to worry. This is a free form project and very satisfying to put together so I'm not going to fuss over slight ripples. 

Finally, I picked up this Riley Blake "Apple of My Eye" charm pack on sale.  I thought the burst of bright color would look fabulous in my new project.


  1. Lovely blocks.

    I agree the splash of red will be great.

    Patchwork is something I've never tried. With so many scraps of fabric saved, I should have a go.

  2. Your piecing looks very neat to me and on many old quilts there is very often more than a little rippling anyway!

  3. Love the blocks and it made me smile reading about you being behind with Bee Blocks. I have only recently joined my first Bee and it struck a chord! Dropped over from Lily's Quilt Small Blog Meet to say hi and it's good to meet you :)


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