Sunday, April 22, 2012

Taffy Blouse From Colette Patternes



I have been participating in the Sew Colette challenge hosted by Rhinestones and Telephones and Miss Crayola Creepy.  I finished my  Meringue Skirt in January but didn't sew the Pastille Dress because I thought it wouldn't look good on me.  I didn't do the Truffle dress because it didn't have sleeves.  I need sleeves.  So the Taffy blouse seemed to be a pattern that would look good on me and it had sleeves.  My son even quoted Napoleon Dynamite when the blouse was done, "I like your sleeves.  They're real big."

I love this blouse!  I learned how to cut out slippery fabrics by placing tissue paper underneath the fabric and the pattern on top.  Notice that I did not use the original pattern but made a copy. I also use pins and pattern weights to keep the fabric from moving.

Once the blouse was sewn together and before the finishing touches were in place, I tried on the blouse.  No, I didn't make the muslin beforehand.  I was too impatient.  So yes, there was a fitting problem.  I had those dreaded horizontal pulling rumples in the back.  No photo of that will be provided!

So I decided to add gussets to the sides. At least I think that is what they are called.  Gussets sound very "seamstressy" in the very least!

This is the gusset with the French seam.  I really had to think how to do the French seam with the added fabric, and it turned out just fine.  

A pretty finishing touch was the added bias tape to the neck line, sleeves, and ties.  I omitted the ties and used a 1/4 in bias instead of a 1/2 inch bias because I wanted to make my own and I only had a 1/4 inch bias tape maker.  

Here is the Colette model in the Taffy Blouse.  I think she is size negative something.  That is not my size. I am certainly positive something!

And here are my pictures in the Taffy blouse.  I used a shear blue polka dot and a darker blue polka dot for the binding.  

The beautiful sleeve. 

The front and the dreaded back.

Sitting on my newly painted picnic table.  Luckily it was dry.

My daughter, the blog photographer, posing me in a crazy ways. 

Notice my super short and somewhat gray hair.  Almost four weeks ago I buzzed it for charity.  I like the cut and the gray.  My cool niece even called it edgy, and a co-worker called it striking.  But it doesn't hurt to have the super feminine Taffy blouse to make one feel a little more girly.  

Lessons learned on this blouse:
     Make a muslin--dang it!
     French seams.
     Cutting techniques for slippery fabric.

Love the blouse, pattern, and directions. I would recommend this to  sewists who are at least advanced beginners.   


  1. Your blouse has turned out great - the contrast bias binding works well to emphasise the ruffle shape of the sleeves.
    I've not tried a Colette pattern yet. I'm Colette-Curious you could say!

  2. I haven't decided that the Taffy is something I need in my closet but I love your version- very pretty!

  3. Love it ! I also love those pink flowers you are stood by - what are they ? Anyone who references Napoleon Dynamite gets an A* as far as I am concerned. Lovely make, well done !! xx

  4. The flowers are from my Dogwood tree. Thanks for your comments.

  5. I like your sleeves. As your son would say They are real big! Kids say the darnedest thing ! A blouse to wear to make you feel happy!


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