Saturday, April 28, 2012

Demand Photography for Senior Portraits

This year is flying by fast!  As a school teacher, I'm almost as excited as the kids.  But as a mom with a graduating senior, I want time to slow down.  This is it.  I will have an adult child who is off to school. Our family dynamic will never be the same.

Enough of the sappy sentimentality. Let's get down to the business of having a senior.  It is dang expensive! For those locals who are reading my blog, let me give you some tips. (If you are not local you can still read my blog!)

Racket Number One:  Sometime in the summer before your child is a senior, you will get an announcement from Prestige Photography that your child needs to report for his or her yearbook picture, but there are also several graduation packages you can choose from.  If you want more than one pose you have to pay a fee.  At this point they do not tell you the prices.  A few weeks later your proofs come and you can buy a small package of one pose for about $300.00.  What?  $300.00. No way!  Yes, $300.00.  Now keep in mind that this is the exact same product that you buy for $20.00 when your child was in the earlier grades.  

This is why we went with professional photographer, Mandy Munns of Demand Photography.  

Isn't my son handsome?  The prices for a professional photographer were reasonable. My son had one outfit change, and we got to choose ten poses that we have the permission to print.  Mandy also offers the option to have her make the prints.  Included with our package as a promotion was a graduation announcement.  This leads me to Racket Number Two.

Racket Number Two: Graduation announcements by Jostens. Jostens has had the corner on the market on graduation paraphernalia and yearbooks forever.  Within the first week of school they are there hitting up the students and parents to buy graduation stuff they don't need.  So I bought announcements.  Gaudy, goopy, tasteless announcements.  Oh, if I had known.  Learn from me.  Don't do it. Don't be sucked in! There are other smaller businesses that can make a darling announcement like Mandy did.  You could even do it yourself with photo software.  

This photo is my favorite.  It captures my son perfectly.

Now I hate to use the work cute to describe an adult, professional woman, but she was cute with my son.  Her personality made him relaxed and comfortable.  Her work was excellent and I highly recommend her for senior portraits.  I suggested we use an urban setting and she knew the perfect place.  When she came to our house so we could pick the 10 poses we wanted, she even brought treats from a fancy bakery. How cool is that.  Overall, the experience was easy and the photos were great.  

The lesson here?  Save your money now on senior expenses because setting your kid up for college....oh man, I'm in trouble.  

Oh and by the way if you use Demand Photography, mention me and our family will get a discount next time.  


  1. Great picture of Nick...they fit his personality to a tee! Only a month left before they graduate :(

  2. I'm not going to lie, your awesome review made me a little misty eyed. I loved working with you guys, and I can't wait for your family portraits! Thanks again Lisa. I love the blog, by the way! I'm adding it to my reader.


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