Saturday, April 14, 2012

2012 Color Palette

2012 Color Pallette

The Colette Pattern  creators are having a spring palette challenge.  The idea is to come up with a palette and make pieces that fit and match the styles and colors chosen.  They suggested  using to create a personal mood board.  

I had a great time putting my mood board together.  Of course I added way too many inspiration pieces and I will never get this much sewn this spring.  I am thinking I may get a blouse and a skirt done and thrift other pieces.  I won't buy anything new especially anything from this list.  The lovely polka-dot dress is only slightly out of my price range---$380 US dollars.  Thus, sewing and thrifting.

The pink or grey floral blouse would look good with McCalls 6467.


The gray wrap shirt would be cute with McCalls 6564.


It was quite fun to play and dream with Polyvore.  If I get two good pieces out of this, I will be happy.  If not, it was a great way to waste my otherwise valuable time and I don't feel guilty!

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