Monday, March 5, 2012

Sandi's Antiques for Vintage Patterns in St. George, UT

I had such a wonderful time with my husband in St. George this weekend.  We ate great food (which I will blog about later),enjoyed the fantastic weather, and I got to go to the vintage/consignment/antique/specialty stores.  My husband, on the other hand had to present at a boring conference.  I got the better end of the deal.

I looked for vintage patterns all day and came across only one until just before closing I tried one more store, Sandi's Antiques.  There I found a large stash of late 1960's to early 1970's patterns.  Wahoo.

One amazing find was this 1946 pajama pattern.  The pieces are not printed, and the instructions do not call for elastic in the waistband, but buttons! Look at the drawing on the right.  Do you tuck in your pajamas?

I bought these patterns and more having no plans to make them in the near future.  I am a very slow and picky (and unpicky as I unpick half of what I sew), and it is going to take me a while to get to all the patterns I bought.  In the meantime, these cute retro dresses are up next.  That is, after I finish a shirt I've been working on.

Thank you Sandi of Sandi's Antiques.  And by the way, I didn't buy out the store.  I left dozens of smaller sizes and children's patterns as well.  So if you are in St. George....


  1. Hello

    I have just found you via Sew Retro!

    What a fantastic collection of patterns- this bias dress from the 1930s looks gorgeous!

    Tucking pjs- wouldn't that be uncomfortable?

  2. I agree.You have found some wonderful looking patterns...the pajamas look very comfy regardless of buttons and tuckings in!!

  3. Nice. Looks like an awesome haul. I'm interested in your experience with the decades of style pattern..


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