Saturday, February 18, 2012

Simone Lamsma with the Utah Symphony

Long ago in another life, I played the violin.  I played all the way through college and often imagined myself soloing with a professional orchestra.  But that would have required more practice and less socializing.  I am still absolutely in love with violin music.  So it was a wonderful treat for me last week when my husband and I saw Dutch violinist, Simone Lamsma play the Mendelssohn Violin Concerto with the Utah Symphony.

The Mendelssohn Violin Concerto is one of the most beautiful concertos of the Romantic era. I loved Lamsma's performance with one exception.  She definitely conquered the piece and that is how she approached her interpretation.  It was wonderful to see and hear her technical proficiency and passion.  But it was passion with drive and not so much emotion.  This concerto is romantic emotion and this element was lacking.  I never got this far in my studies to even attempt this concerto, but I can still hear what was amazing and what was lacking.   Regardless of this one small flaw, the performance was thrilling, and it was so engaging to see her technique.  After the performance my husband said, "I guess we can now go live our uneventful, unaccomplished  lives." Yes, Lamsma was that good.  

The following photo by Dutch photographer Antoinette Borchert says it all about Lamsma's performances.  Look at that hair!

Conductor, Thierry Fischer, was also a joy to watch.  His whole body moves as he conducts the orchestra.  I love how the PR department  of the symphony makes him look slightly rugged and handsome like Harrison Ford when in reality he looks a little like Dustin Hoffman.
BYU Arts

Now I love going to the symphony.  I assume other's do as well.  After all, they bought tickets.  So why do people dress so casually to attend the symphony, theater, ballet, or opera?  Good grief.  This violinist gave up her childhood so she could become a performer.  The least the audience could do is wear something better than a University of Utah hoodie.  Yes, I actually saw this and jeans and beat up t-shirts.  Come on people! This is a special occasion.  It is more important than going to the grocery store or cleaning the toilet, so dress for it.  I also don't believe that people can't afford to dress for the symphony.  I know that hoodie was about 60 dollars.  What I couldn't do with 60 dollars and good sale or fancy second hand store.  My goal now is to refashion a suitable item for a glamorous evening out.  I've already started my search.  I will blog about the new evening wear when it is complete.

I did see a man in a tux, a top hat, wing tips, and loads of turquoise jewelry.  It was a little over the top but at least he dressed up!

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  1. I totally agree about people dressing up for the symphony--I don't like to see people in jeans, T-shirts or hoodies at the symphony....or the ballet....or the opera.


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