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Bobby Flay's Sauteed Shrimp With Sweet Potato and Smoked Chile Grits and Green Onion-Cilantro Sauce

Several years ago I purchased Bobby Flay's Mesa Grill Cookbook, and because I am a busy mom with a full time job, I never made the seemingly time-consuming recipes.  I find as much pleasure in reading a cookbook as I do in making the recipes, but I decided I'd better get some practical use out of it.  OK, truth be told, it was my husband who said, "We really ought to try that Bobby Flay cookbook." I would have just kept reading indefinitely.

Sometime in another life when I first owned this book I tagged a few of the recipes, and the first tagged recipe still looked delicious so that is the one I tried.  The title sounds very fancy.  Five-star restaurant fancy.  Listen to this: Sauteed Shrimp With Sweet Potato and Smoked Chile Grits and Green Onion-Cilantro Sauce.  

I would type out this whole recipe for you but I am sure that must break a million copyright laws, so I will just say, it is worth checking this book out at the library and give this a shot.

One suggestion, however, is to make all the sauces a day before.  There are three sauces, and this will save you a ton of time.  

The first sauce is the chipotle chile puree.  Made with dried chiles and chiles in chipotle adobo sauce.  This sauce comes in a can and hopefully you can find it in your local grocery store.  We did.

This is made by soaking the dried chiles in hot water and then pureeing them with the adobo sauce.  The picture above does not do justice to the  brick red color of the sauce.  This was the clearest picture from my camera.

Red Chile Oil is another sauce but is optional.  The recipe calls for Guajillo chiles.  We had to go to a specialty store for these and were out of luck.  Those are the kind of chiles that are best purchased in season at the farmers' market.  So we used Anaheim chiles instead.  We toasted them and ran them in the blender with a few other ingredients before straining.
A cast iron skillet is wonderful for toasting chiles.  

The sauce that my family loved the most was the Green Onion-Cilantro Sauce.  I didn't have a picture because it looks like the chile oil made with Anaheims.

The grits have the chipotle chile puree as an ingredient.  I made a ton and it only calls for two teaspoons.  But my husband just mixed a dollop of the extra-spicy puree to his serving of grits.

I have to be honest.  I really hate grits, but wow!  These grits mixed with the chipotle puree and the sweet potato were fantastic.  Talk about a delicious starch fest!

Unfortunately, my camera ran out of battery juice just as I finished serving.  So I am going to use this photo from the Year on the Grill blog.  Besides, the plating is much better than mine!

The writer of the Year on the Grill blog said that he only took thirty minutes to put this recipe together.  I am not that fast.  Perhaps if the sauces would have been prepared ahead of time I would have shortened the prep time. For me this is a weekend recipe where I have more time than on a typical weeknight.  

Here is the best part.  The whole family loved it.  Even the grits.  Now that is a winner of a recipe if it makes grits taste fabulous!
5 out of 5 stars!

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  1. Oh Boy, thanks for the shout out. TERRIFIC Recipe! Chipotle Sweet Potato Grits have become regular feature for us now. So glad you liked them. Glad everything went well!


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