Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Kathmandu

Little did I know when I ventured into The Kathmandu for dinner, that I was eating at Salt Lake Magazine's winner of "The Best Indian Restaurant 2011." This little gem tucked away in a strip mall in Holladay (what is it with me and strip malls in Holladay--see previous post), serves Indian and Nepali cuisine and was truly was fantastic!

www.ubanspoon.com   From the owner.

We thought that since we were already familiar with Indian food we would be adventurous and try the Nepali dinners.  My husband had the Everest Lamb which was cooked with curry and other spices, but the real treat was the addition of mango to the sauce.  I had the Chicken Momo, not because I had any idea what it was save the brief description on the menu, but because it sounded cool, and it was!  They were little dumplings arranged like tiny hats around a spicy, yellow sauce.  Fabulous.   Later a charming, young waiter told us momo was his favorite dish when he lived in Nepal.  

Yes, we are going back.  And, adventurous or not, we are taking friends.  4.5 out of 5 stars.

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  1. Nathan and I went there for their lunch buffet. It is the closet Indian food he has had since he came home from his mission. He has already gone back with friends.


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