Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Thai Garden and Noodle House
Last weekend after viewing the lights at Temple Square with my family, we went to Thai Garden and Noodle House in the trendy 9th and 9th neighborhood of Salt Lake.  

Salt Lake Tribune

     The neighborhood is charming.  From the website:
     "Often described as funky or earthy, there are no strip malls in this neighborhood (the plumbing store is even in an old house!). An excellent walking district with a unique collection of shops, businesses and services."
     The restaurant itself was very good and the service was excellent.  I had my usual yellow curry, my husband had red curry, and the children had spicy rice with tofu, cashew chicken, and crispy chicken.  All loved their meals and reported them delicious.  

So how does this compare with my favorite restaurant, Thai Orchid? First, the location and ambiance win hands down for Thai Garden and Noodle House.  A strip mall in a parking lot just can't compare to this neighborhood with personality.  The plating was better at Thai Garden as well.  The cook drizzled hearts with an orange sauce on the side of the plate. We are easily impressed!
     In the end it all comes down to price.  If the food tastes the same, and it did, delicious, and the quality was the same, and it was with the exception of the cute little hearts, and both places have great service, which is the better value? Without question, Thai Orchid on Highland Drive in Holladay is a much better value.  By about 5 to 8 dollars per dish.  I loved the location of Thai Garden and Noodle House, but the location wasn't worth the extra 25 or more dollars it cost to feed my whole family for the same tasty meals.  My kids don't care that 9th and 9th is a trendy district.  Strip malls are fine for kids.  

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