Sunday, October 2, 2011

Finally Finished: Block of the Month, One Month Late

Once a month I participate in Quilt Etc.'s Block of The Month.  And once a year when it is time to put all those gorgeous blocks into a quilt, I run out of time.  So instead of making a whole quilt, this year I used my cute homemade bias tape to make a reversible bag with the blocks I actually finished.  I had no pattern to work with so I had to make it up as I went along.  It was a blast to use my stash of colored threads to quilt the blocks before actually putting them together.  I used tons of pins to hold the bias tape in place and discovered that it actually looked better using the machine than to hand stitch the bias tape as is traditionally done on quilts.

Pins O'Plenty!

Finished Product

Now I have a bag that I can take to my Block of the Month Club hopefully filled with this year's finished blocks! This past year's Block of the Month Club I give 5 out of 5 stars for the enjoyment I get each month at the club, and for forcing me to set aside time to do what I love.  The best part is, if I get a block done, the fabric packet for the next month is free.  Who doesn't want free fabric?


  1. Beautiful bag! Quilting is one of your many talents.

  2. Lisa, it turned out beautifully! As always, I am impressed!

  3. Dynamite colors! Thanks for sharing your beautiful bag at the Kiss & Tell party over at my place!


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