Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Oh So Cute Bias Tape: Dritz and Clover

I didn't mean to buy two 1/2 inch bias tape makers.  That's what happens when you go to two stores and you forget what you purchased at the first store.  I've acquired a lovely stash of sewing gadgets that way!

Bias tape, or bias binding as it is sometimes called, is such a great tool for quilting and sewing.  But I find that Wright's Bias Tape is often stiff, and it only comes in solid colors.  You can purchase patterned bias tape from Etsy or EBay, but it can be expensive.  So I decided to make my own.  To do this, it is much easier to have a bias making tool so that you don't burn your fingers making the folds with your iron.  

I used both the Dritz and the Clover brand 1/2 inch bias maker. They appeared to be exactly the same, but I found the Dritz brand had a larger opening for the fabric to exit.  This seemed to make the edges come to the middle of the bias better than the Clover brand.  On the other hand, the Clover brand came with better instructions including how to cut your fabric and the width to cut for the desired result.  In any case, I made some darn cute bias binding without burning my fingers.  

Stay tuned to see the project I am making with my homemade bias tape!

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