Thursday, September 22, 2011

Downata Hot Spings Resort and Campground

It was pouring rain and dark when we pulled into Downata Hot Springs Resort a few miles outside of Downey, Idaho.  We quickly set up the pop-up tent after which we played a few games of cards and went to sleep.  The next day was sunny with a pleasant temperature and we were able to get out and experience the resort.  Because there is so much to tell about the campground, the best way to review the resort is to make a pros and cons list.


1) The bathtub-warm swimming pool that was fed by natural hot springs, has got to be the top of the pro list.  Because there was a slight chill in the air, the warm water was an exceptional treat.

2) Since it was the off season, we had the pool mostly to ourselves.  That goes for the campground as well.  There were only five other campers on Saturday and over 30 empty spots.
3) Great customer service.  
4) The pizza at the restaurant was quite tasty.  
5) This may not seem a pro to the rest of the world, but there was small arcade, only three games (I said it was small), but I was able to show off my mad pinball skills to my children.  They didn't know I was so cool!
6) Prices were reasonable.  The camping and the swimming costs were separate but the swimming was only $7.50 for the day pass.
7) Not only was there swimming available, there were volleyball courts, a basketball court, tether ball, horseshoes, and a swing set.  Cabins and yurts were also available for rent.

8) I didn't take advantage of it, but there is a massage therapist on staff.  Prices were reasonable for that as well, but an appointment is needed.
9) The most important positive features of this campground were the clean bathrooms, flush toilets and showers. What more can be said!


1) It was great that we were there in the off season because the camp spaces were right on top of each other.  No kidding. The RV and tent spots were about 5 feet apart. 
2) The resort itself has been around for decades and some parts of the pool area needed repair.  
3) I know it is a hot springs and hot springs are teaming with microscopic life, but I was still a little grossed out by the thin layer of algae growing in areas of the hot tub.  The least they could do would be to brush it out each day.  
4) The largest water slide on the property was closed for the season.  However, the other smaller slides were enjoyable.

Would I go there again?  You bet.  But only in the off season so I don't have to hear snores coming from the RVs next door.

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