Friday, August 5, 2011

New to Me RV from Motor Sportsland

When I was a kid, my dad took us camping all the time.  He was a licensed river guide for Don Hatch River Expeditions back in the day when Hatch was the only commercial river running company around.  When we camped we really roughed it.  Dad threw a blue tarp on the ground, tossed our sleeping bags on the tarp and called it good.  If it rained, another blue tarp was thrown on top of the sleeping bags.  Rarely did we go to a campground, but often found out of the way public land off of a remote dirt road to call our camp spot.  Anyone else who camped any differently than we did were wimps!  It wasn't until I was thirteen that we bought a three-man spring bar tent for our family of five!

So I find it a great luxury to have purchased a used 2006 Fleetwood pop-up trailer from Motor Sportsland on 4001 So. State.

We had been looking for a long time so this pop-up appeared to be a great deal.  We found that people think a lot of their used goods in the on-line classifieds.  I'm  just not going to pay 10 thousand dollars for a rusted out 1973 pop up trailer that doesn't pop anymore!  Justin, the salesman,  was helpful, friendly, and threw in a hitch for the car and got us set up with a brake light system between our car and trailer.  They also included a 25 dollar gift-certificate at the RV supply store.  

Justin also told us that each used vehicle came with a thorough inspection and cleaning.  Imagine our surprise, when at the beautiful Aspen Campground in the Ashley National Forest, the water that we poured into our trailer tank came pouring out just as quickly.  There was a hole in the hose under the trailer.

When we returned home, I called and took the trailer to the service department.  They were courteous and professional.  My trailer was repaired in the same day.  

I really wanted to give this company 5 stars because of the great service, personal attention, and because I was just so excited to have a trailer at a reasonable price. But then the water leaked.  I loved the service department, but I shouldn't have even met them this early in my RV ownership.  So Motor Sportsland RV receives a rating of 4 out of 5 stars.

By the way all you tent campers, do you know how wonderful it is to sleep in the cold mountains with a furnace?  Sorry dad.  Not roughin' it your old school way anymore!

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