Sunday, July 10, 2011

Thai Orchid--Mmmm

On Saturday my husband and I went to one of our favorite local restaurants, Thai Orchid located in Holliday, UT on 6219 Highland Dr.  Our quest for delicious, spicy food began when we moved to Utah from Texas only to find that Utah style Mexican food is lacking, to put it nicely.  (More on this in future blogs!) Some friends recommended Thai Orchid, and we went with trepidation knowing that we have been given some bad recommendations for Mexican food and this could possibly be disastrous.

Now I don't know what authentic Thai food tastes like, but everyone says this is authentic.  They say this about the Mexican food too, but I doubt Utah Mexican food is what people in Mexico actually eat.  However, once we tried Thai Orchid we were hooked.  The first time we ate there, the cook came out to see how we liked our meal.  It was so delicious, I wanted to suck the remains of my curry up with a straw.  But that would be a little on the rude side so I told the cook we would be back, and we did go back again and again.

I typically get the yellow curry.  My husband has tried all the other curries and enjoys the red and the yellow curry.  My foodie brother from Seattle who goes to fancy Thai restaurants loved this little unassuming place in a strip mall in Holladay.

We definitely will go back.  It is like comfort food to us now!

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  1. Is Tai Orchard where they old kin Lee Cafe was?


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